Our Story

At Craigs Creamery, we pay attention to the little details that make a big difference.

Emilie and Christopher Noble at Noblehurst Farms

Rooted in Tradition

Craigs Creamery was founded by eight family farms, each with their own multi-generational legacy of caring for their cows, nurturing their land, and focusing on providing the best milk possible.

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Progressive Agriculture

At Craigs Creamery, we set high standards—for our cows, for our farms, for our operations. You can taste the quality in our award-winning cheddars.

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Liam Coyne feeding cows at Coyne Farms

Liam Coyne at Coyne Farms

Farm-fresh Craigs Creamery milk pouring from a jug into a glass

Fresh, Always

A shorter time from cow to creamery means high-quality cheese. All our farms are within a few miles from the creamery, giving “local” a whole new meaning.

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We’re committed to sustainable practices that reduce waste and help our operations run more efficiently—from creating our own renewable energy to recycling water used on our farms. In fact, our efforts have earned us certification in an environmental program for New York State.

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The bio-digester at Noblehurst Farms

The bio-digester at Noblehurst Farms