Craigs Creamery framed by surrounding farmland


Sustainable processes are imperative
to our farms and creamery.

We’re committed to sustainable practices that reduce waste and help our operations run more efficiently—from creating our own renewable energy to recycling water used on our farms. In fact, our efforts have earned us certification in a New York state sanctioned environmental program. Our goal is to produce the highest-quality dairy products now and in the future, so we remain completely sustainable both to care for our land today and for generations to come.

We operate a bio-digester on one of our farms that entirely powers our creamery. It’s the only one in the US that can make that claim. The illustration below details the operation of our bio-digester.

We take pride in the steps we’ve taken to reduce waste in our production processes—from farm to dairy. With our new bio-digester, nutrients from our farm and food waste from the surrounding community is repurposed. The waste turns into liquid for fertilizer for our farms, solid cow bedding, and biogas that powers our farms and the surrounding communities. Our bio-digester and our creamery are located on one of our farms that’s just a few miles from the others. This short distance allows our fresh milk to arrive at the creamery quickly, and also reduces our carbon footprint.

In addition to the bio-digester, we also use solar panels that warm water and power Craigs Creamery farms. These panels serve as an efficient, zero ­emissions power source and greatly reduce water waste.

Infographic to come
Infographic to come

Our bio-digester dramatically changes the way we upcycle farm waste at Craigs Creamery. In fact, our bio-digester powers our creamery year-round.

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You’ll find this symbol on our packaging to indicate our creamery’s commitment to sustainability.
Craigs Creamery methane bio-digester