High Quality Milk
from Cow to Creamery to Cheese


Cheese from Local Farms
We are a small group of farmers who live and work on family-owned farms in upstate New York.

Close to Home
We only use fresh milk that comes from our family farms—all of which are a few miles from our creamery.

Farm Fresh
Our milk arrives at the creamery
within hours of leaving the local farms.

Higher Standards
As a small collective of local farms, we keep a close eye on the purity and freshness of the milk.

Sustainable Operations
From reusing water at the farms to generating renewable power with our bio-digester,
sustainability is our priority.

You’ll find this symbol on our packaging to indicate our creamery’s commitment to sustainability.

Quality You Can Taste
We’re committed to high quality, which is why Craigs Creamery cheese tastes so delicious.